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4.98 (162 Reviews)
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Steam 50 xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 50
Got it fast
First time buy from this shop so I just buy smaller denom, but the seller is friendly and processed my order right after.
First time buyer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
First time purchase
My first-time purchase here and the shop didn't disappoint me, it the code sent to me within a minute or just seconds I think, thanks :)
WR xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Complete transaction
Thank you. I will buy more soon.
BenchGamer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
Success second buy
Another successful order from kuya kenkarlo. Thank you!
Chris xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Buying Steam Wallet Code
Fast and convinient in buying Steam Wallet Codes. Thank you!
BenchGamer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
I was referred by my friend to buy here, without a doubt, the seller respond immediately on facebook and process my order within seconds :).I recommend this store, cheap and legit. Thank you!
PHTriad xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Garena Shells 50
Legit Garena Shop
Just saw them on facebook then I tried to buy here and look I got 'em less than a minute.
Darryl xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Good marketplace, the owner is easy to communicate with.
Alpha++ xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
Answering all my questions sa fb page nila, and process my order fast. Thank you kuya.
Lambert Galit xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 100
Mura presyo dito compare sa iba. Legit. Plus one commend. :)))
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