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4.98 (174 Reviews)
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aznarjacob xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Trusted! very quick transaction
PDW-57 xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Garena Shells 200
Fast and reliable
Tried to buy garena shells for my CODM Points and it works as expected :)
Satisfied Buyer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Purchased 3 steam wallet code
Thank you I got the code so fast, though I messaged the shop on their facebook page first before buying. Overall satisfied buyer.
marananjam xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Steam 500
After I purchased SWC 500, they gave me the same code as my previous purchase and I can't redeem it on my account. I messaged them on their FB page and they immediately replied and attended to my concern. They gave me a new code and I was now able to redeem the funds. I hope this doesn't happen again but I commend the speedy online assistance.
marananjam xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 100
First time to buy on this shop. I only had Gcash as means to buy wallet funds for Steam and a blog post led me to this. Transaction was fast and done in less than 10 minutes.
jonathanotial xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Quick and Easy :)
Will surely buy again ^^
kurtmichaelc xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 800
Adrian Claude xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
Thanks po
First buy at successful. Will buy again sooon :)
strwbrrymsch xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
Quick & Efficient
I was worried since it was my first time making a purchase here, but the instructions were simple and everything went smoothly!
Razor Shot xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Garena Shells 50
Got the shells fast
Got it fast I guess 2 minutes? Anyway, thank you! Legit Shop.
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