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4.98 (178 Reviews)
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wesley xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Great service!
Steven xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Cheap and nice
Got it so fast i mean like instant, and also cheap.
Aix xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Almost Perfect
The process was seamless and as smooth as a baby's butt. The customer service rep that I chatted with in Facebook responded right away to my inquiries and was very helpful. My one criticism is that I hope in the future they will include a notice or just point out that there is a processing fee on the page itself. I only found about the processing fee while buying the code. It was a good thing I had extra money on my GCash so I was able to successfully complete my transaction. Other than that, I liked the experience.
jiro_v xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
convenient to get steam wallet codes
Lrdreyes xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Can't say anything kase ang bilis ng delivery at cheap. Thank you!
Ruens xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Fast and cheap
Just bought today and the swc works. Thanks.
Siopops xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Legit, thanks
I messaged.their fb page first bago ako ng proceed, they're too responsive and they answered all of my questions. The process was fast and talagang cheap nga siya kesa sa ibang store. I will recommend this store sa mga kaibigan ko. Thank you, sa uulitin :D
First time buyer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Takot ako first kase ang cheap ng steam wallets at parang bago palang sila, then I approached them on fb, friendly naman sila at nag re'respond ng mabilis and I did tried to purchase and boom! ang bilis ng delivery and the code is working. Will definitely buy here again. Salamat :)
reinescano xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
I was hesitant at first kasi mukhang bago lang yung website and chineck ko rin social media ang konti ng likes. So sinearch ko sa DTI kung registered ba. And yes registered naman so nakampante na rin ako na legit sya. Very accomodating yung facebook page nila. Ang bilis mag reply sa queries. && super smooth transaction. <3 <3 <3
Review++ xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Legit guys
Legit talaga siya guys. Thank you po.
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