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4.98 (174 Reviews)
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Steam Wallet Code 1000 xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Very good service, ...
Very good service, will definitely order again Had to buy some coins for apex
Fast xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
Thanks got it so fa...
Thanks got it so fast.
Steam Wallet Code 500 xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Easy to use and very quick. Will probably use again.
AX xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 800
thank you received ...
thank you received it.
rob xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 2200
Good service, fast ...
Good service, fast response, instant delivery and especially the code is working :)
wesley xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Great service!
Steven xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Cheap and nice
Got it so fast i mean like instant, and also cheap.
Aix xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Almost Perfect
The process was seamless and as smooth as a baby's butt. The customer service rep that I chatted with in Facebook responded right away to my inquiries and was very helpful. My one criticism is that I hope in the future they will include a notice or just point out that there is a processing fee on the page itself. I only found about the processing fee while buying the code. It was a good thing I had extra money on my GCash so I was able to successfully complete my transaction. Other than that, I liked the experience.
jiro_v xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
convenient to get steam wallet codes
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