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Note that the title review labeled as "Lazada Review" are our customers who bought on our shop at Lazada. You can check it on our shop.
genegualberto04 xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 250
Steam Wallet 250
Sure steam wallet and very kind seller
Salamat shoppeee xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 800
Got the code fast. Salamat shoppeee :D
Rzer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Razer Gold 20
Razer Gold
Just tried to purchase here and yeah, the seller is friendly on fb page and processed my order instantly. :)
WaverGaming xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 800
Got it instant
I used Paymaya for the payment and I get the code in an instant. Thank you!
Haki xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Steam wallet code 1000
This is my first purchase. Glad its legit. Btw I used paymaya for the payment ut's way cheaper than on the app. Will buy again next time :)
duriassean xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
this is my first purchase and will be purchasing some more, thank you!
aznarjacob xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Trusted! very quick transaction
PDW-57 xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Garena Shells 200
Fast and reliable
Tried to buy garena shells for my CODM Points and it works as expected :)
Satisfied Buyer xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 1000
Purchased 3 steam wallet code
Thank you I got the code so fast, though I messaged the shop on their facebook page first before buying. Overall satisfied buyer.
marananjam xquareshop Reviews Verified Buyer
Purchased: Steam Wallet Code 500
Steam 500
After I purchased SWC 500, they gave me the same code as my previous purchase and I can't redeem it on my account. I messaged them on their FB page and they immediately replied and attended to my concern. They gave me a new code and I was now able to redeem the funds. I hope this doesn't happen again but I commend the speedy online assistance.
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